Friday, August 5, 2011

Who am I? Why am I here? What difference does it make?

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     You're asking who you are, why you're here, and what difference does it make?  Well, let me tell you something, Bub.  It makes a lot of difference.  It's the difference between going to bed and going to school.  Between going to dinner and going to the woodshed.  Between going to a lost, barren land or the City of Good Pie.  The fork in the road is right in front of you, right there on the table.  So, grab it.  No, not that one.  That's the salad fork.

     Remember, we are all here for a reason.  Well, we're not all here for the same reason. If someone says "we're all here for a reason" that's only one reason and that's not enough for everybody.  You have to find your own reason.  It's not your job to find all the reasons why everybody else is here.  That could take forever and the money you spend on parking alone could leave you bankrupt.  I'm pretty sure going bankrupt is not the reason  you're here.  Although it could be, depending on the stock market and  how many politicians you own. 
     Maybe you're here to help others who are less fortunate.  Maybe you're here to accept help from those who are more fortunate.  Maybe you're here to compose the perfect haiku.  You won't know the answer until you ask yourself the question and keep asking yourself the question every single day.

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Dave Kelley said...

The comments keep coming.

Julie said...

I know I'm here to help kids learn to think for themselves, get along with their family, be respectful to authority, set their own goals in life and stay focused in accomplishing them. And that's very rewarding!

That includes my own biological kids with a twist. Not that they are twisted . . .(although that is debatable) but I will know them the rest of my life, and have that terrible urge to direct their lives "my way". Huge no-no. But luckily they have enough self-confidence to tell me, with compassion, to "breathe" and then show me they are doing just fine.

You have to know what you can control and what you can't control and don't worry about what you can't control.

billrogan said...

I'm here because of my parents. I had no say in the matter.