Saturday, December 3, 2011


Worse Than Totally Dysfunctional
            If you are completely unable to function in the real world you have choices to make.  Do you want to keep going the way you are, spending more and more time with Twinkies and Judge Judy?  Or do you want to get off the sofa and watch from a recliner?  I understand how difficult these decisions can be, so start where ever you feel most comfortable.
            You might begin with a goal of, “I want to go longer than five minutes without screaming”.  Put yourself in the place of others.  Can you understand how unnerving your behavior is to your fellow members in the church choir?   They expected your solo of “Amazing Grace” not a rant about the Federal Reserve.  
            Once you have controlled, or at least muffled, your compulsive bellowing you can move on to other goals like, “I wish I could make it through one business meeting without taking off my pants” or “I would like to enjoy one Eskimo Pie without needing to eat thirty-five more.”   These are valid goals depending on where you are in your journey. 
            So, where are you?  Are you wandering aimlessly from sand trap to sand trap?  Are you re-dialing telephone solicitors so you can interrupt them at work?  Are you in the kitchen drinking the barbecue sauce?  It matters not where you are now.  What matters is where you are going.  And only you know where that is because only you know the you that’s really you.

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