Friday, December 9, 2011

GOALS Level Three

Mostly Functional but May Snap at Any Time

            These are the most dangerous people of all.  They look normal.  They act normal.  Most of them smell normal.  But, every once in a while, they reveal something that signals they are not normal.  If you are one of them you should try to stop doing things that reveal the depth of your madness. 
            After a hard day of giving in to other people’s requests, you can’t throw the casserole at the wall just because someone asks you to put on some clothes.  I know you always let others get in line ahead of you.  But that’s no reason to smash your head through a wall when the guy in front of you buys the last ticket.  And the next time your neighbor wants to borrow your hedge clippers just say no instead of chasing him down the block in an attempt to cut off his winkie.  If you can perform these simple actions your life could turn off Weeping Willow Drive and onto Uncertain Avenue.  From there, it’s only a few short blocks to Smile Street.

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