Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Don’t Give Up on Your Goals When Times Get Hard

From the Desk of Doctor B. D. Septive 
            This is when your goals become most important.  Working toward what you want is the perfect way to take your mind off unpleasantness.  For example, take that annoying family in your neighborhood that turned their backyard into a skeet shooting range.  The next time you hear a shotgun blast accompanied by flying pellets, just remember the barbecue grill you’re building will get more than hot enough to liquefy clay, titanium, or a Dodge truck.
            Think toward the future.  There is nothing to be gained by dwelling on how many bits of exploding clay disc land in your swimming pool every half hour.  Take those bits of clay and make clay lemonade.  Use the opportunity to start a new hobby like night vision video surveillance, liquefying metal items for your catapult, or turning your own backyard into a bazooka range.   

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