Monday, January 23, 2012

Finding the Spirit of Your Spirituality

                “Your path through the universe is powered by your imaginary imagination.”
                                                                                         Yogi Singhsong

            What you seek is an ultimate truth; something indisputable like “we are who we are”, or “women’s clothes always cost more than men’s”, or “Letterman is funnier than Leno.”  And just exactly how do we go about finding such a truth?  There are so many ways.
Find Beauty in the Everyday
         There are countless things you don’t even notice that make every day on Earth a treasure.  Tune in to the experience and you will find beauty where you never saw it  before.
 Sunset or Mud Puddle                                                                             
          A sunset can certainly be holy as can cheese or undershirts.  If your undershirt doesn’t have any holes you will never get your head in.  Most people look at a mud puddle and see nothing but a medium brown swine pool.  I want you to think of that mud puddle as divine.  If your chief rival falls into that mud puddle, it will be a divine experience for you, especially if you are both on the way to give an important presentation to the same billion dollar client.  Your opponent can either be an hour late or he can go to the presentation looking like he slid head first into third base during a rain delay.  That would be truly beautiful. 

NEXT TIME: Lint, grass, and the other kind of grass.

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