Thursday, November 15, 2012

Being What You Want Him to Be

            It is time to learn how to find someone worthy of your love.  What do you want that person to be?  I don’t mean do you want him to be a cowboy, a fireman, or an inflatable doll.  I mean what kind of person.  What traits are you looking for in a guy?  When people are asked that question they usually answer that sense of humor is more important than looks.  This proves that people, at their core, are liars.  When the average woman has a choice of all the men in her neighborhood, she rarely chooses the guy in the exploding hat. 
.           What kind of a man do you want?  Only you can answer that question.  Remember, there is no wrong answer.  If you want an affectionate man who is honest and sober, that’s just as valid as wanting a man whose hobby is watching TV when it’s not turned on.  It’s valid because that’s what you want and only you know the you that is really you.  So, only you can decide what you want.  Give the matter careful consideration because the qualities you seek are the qualities for which you should strive.
            If you want your man to be patient, you should work on being more patient yourself.  If you would like him to be a good conversationalist that is something you should be.  If you want him to wear women’s underwear, you should wear women’s underwear.  If you want him to be black, be black yourself.  If you’re looking for a socially retarded, naked, weapons salesman who is incarcerated because he was found lying in an alley with more drugs in his system than Elvis on a bad hair day, you know what to do.  It’s all so easy.  And it’s all up to you.

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