Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Your Personal Spirit

            You should start thinking about your spirit.  Will it be a mischievous spirit?  Will it come around after you’re dead and rearrange people’s drawers so they can’t find their glasses?  Will your spirit make the cat hiss dirty words and breathe fire when she’s waiting to be fed?  Will your spirit indiscriminately throw dessert?
            Or will yours be a different kind of spirit; the kind that protects kids from being run over by the school bus?  Will it move Mr. Spitts out of the way just before the stallion or the showgirl does a high kick?  Will your spirit be what keeps Mrs. Socialstress from accidentally putting lithium in the cake batter or asparagus berries in the punchbowl?
            Maybe your spirit could send messages from the dead to the living.  You could finally explain to your relatives why Uncle Soapy spends every New Year’s Day screaming about the evil ingredients in salad dressing.  You could be the one who tells party guests about all the wonders of the afterlife.  But be careful not to get too specific.  Saying things like, “When it’s her time to go, Aunt Gretchen won’t need a sweater”, regardless of how true it is, could still hurt her feelings, causing her to head-butt Uncle Soapy.                                    

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